Thursday, April 5, 2012

Plateaus suck!

I'm so frustrated!  I know its normal to hit a plateau but I'm now on my 3rd week of one.  I'm losing and gaining the same pound every time I get on the scale and there are times I just want to cry.  I was doing better losing weight before I had the surgery.  I've lost almost nothing since I had my surgery. 

My head is telling me this is all normal but I feel like a failure.  Nothing tastes good to me any more.  Things are so different than they were even 3 weeks ago.  I no longer am enthusiastic about my WLS.  

I can't do much exercising because I broke my ribs on Sunday but even still, you think something would give.  I guess maybe I'm getting into a depression.  I was hoping to be down to 220 by the time I left to go to NY on May 5th.  That's definitely not going to happen.  I'm even dreading going to NY now.  

What a head game this weight loss is.  I guess all I can do it keep on keeping on and hope for the best.  To be in a stall for 3 weeks is so damn depressing.  I just want to cry.  :(

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