Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two more bite the dust!

Two more lbs bite the dust! Actually 2.4 lbs! Woohoo! Ribs still a little bit sore and I'm actually just starting to wear a bra again so that could be why.  Oh well.

I go to my surgeon's consult on Tuesday.  I can't wait!  My appointment is at 1pm.  Paula has to be there at 10:10am.  I may end up running down there early so I can see her.  We'll see.  

I'm feeling pretty good, not as tired as I was so I think my body is adjusting to my consuming less carbs.  My actually weight loss now is 15.4 lbs.  Just a little less than 15 more to go before surgery.  We'll see what they say at the surgeons on Tuesday.  

I have an appointment to see Dr. Diaz on September 1st to go over my lab results.  Definitely looking forward to everything going on.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Still in pain from ribs!I

I can't believe that I'm still in pain from my ribs!  I'm still with the program, still losing weight and still working things out.  I'm eating about 90% less carbs and although its making me more tired, I'm losing weight.  I need to have my body get adjusted to less carbs and then I'll be fine I think.

I've also been out walking around 2 acres of our property nightly on Predator Patrol from 2 to 5 hours every night.  With the number of birds that we've had attacked and killed, I've taken to using the .22 rifle instead of the shotgun.  It has less of a "kick".  

I think the extra exercise is working toward the weight loss.  I lost  lbs in the last week.  Its not alot but its something.  Weight is going down and that's the main thing.

My sleep study was a bust, I fear.  I couldn't sleep all night. I tossed and turned, was awake most of the night.  I think I'm going to have ot do it over again.  I go back to see Dr. Diaz on September 1st. to get the results of all the testing that I've had.

On August 23rd, I go to see Dr. Watson & Hodges office for my first consultation.  It seems as though the time is dragging.  UGH!

Anyway, 1 cup of chili with 1/4 cup monterey jack cheese for dinner.  Yummy.  Protein, protein, protein!!